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I welcome the recent campaign instigated by members of Roscommon County Childcare Committee in a bid to force an exemption on commercial rates for private childcare providers.

The high cost of childcare in this country needs to be addressed, both in terms of the financial pressure carers of children are under and the strain parents face to meet those costs – and despite this controversial issue being on the agenda many times at local authority meetings over the past number of years, the rates still apply.

 Almost 40% of the average wage here is needed to pay for two children in full time childcare – not only does this directly affect the family budget but it also has potential consequences for the labour market.

Members of Roscommon County Council, local TD’s and Senators were invited to a special meeting of the Roscommon County Childcare Committee recently where they were faced with the reality of the financial restraints put upon both families and childcare providers.

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