Independent Cllr Tom Crosby states that there is widespread anger among the Farming community throughout County Roscommon and Countrywide resulting from the removal of the €14 million subsidy at the recent emergency budget which has resulted in up to 100% increase for the collection of dead farm animals.

Farmers are now being charged €36 for the collection of a dead calf, €100 for animals between 6 and 12 months, €140 for animals 12 to 24 months and €190 for each adult animal.

Cllr Crosby states that these charges are separate from Vet nary charges of up to €100 where the Vet is called to the sick animal which means that together with the loss of an animal ready for sale an animal which could average at around €1,000 at mart, the combined loss would then be in excess of €1,300 to the farmer.

Cllr Crosby who is raising the matter at this weeks monthly meeting of Roscommon County Council in order to highlight the gravity of this unacceptable situation which has come at a time when the farming community are finding it extremely difficult to survive.

Cllr Crosby will be calling on all elected members to agree on a submission to the Department and the relevant Minister to immediately reintroduce the subsidy under the Fallen Animal Scheme which has been in place over the years and extremely successful where all animals were collected from the farmer and brought to the Knackery yards for safe disposal.

If this subsidy is not immediately re introduced many farmers will be unable to pay the exorbitant costs for the collection of animals which could result in animals been left to decay on the farms and would cause a very serious health hazard and spread of disease carried by birds, dogs and vermin also a very serious threat to water sources and to the environment.

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